Interactive. Unexpected. Fun.

Attending the workshops will help you boost your self-confidence, express yourself clearly, with energy and empathy, improve all areas of your life and become a trusted and respected professional.

Why choose us?

Top performing companies recognize that emotional intelligence and the ability to communicate clearly, effectively and with energy significantly impact the company’s financial growth and expansion of the business.

There’s a catch though. Our ability to communicate is just an expression of who we are, projected through known or unknown filters. We can truly learn to better communicate when we accept CHANGE. When we become SELF-AWARE. When we acknowledge both our qualities and flaws and commit to GROWTH.

This is where our workshops can make a difference. We use improvisation theatre techniques, games and exercises that create an amazing experience for all participants, enabling them to learn form one another, have a-ha moments and grow.

The results are outstanding:

Happier people

The main difference between managers and leaders is that leaders focus on people, while managers focus on structures. Leaders build loyalty and trust, they continuously educate themselves and allow others to grow. They care about people and thrive to provide them with learning and self-development opportunities that will not only help them do the job, but adapt, evolve, do better in any other job. Communication is that one priceless particular skill people get to use in all areas of their lives. Help them get it right!

A more profitable business

Your company’s well being concerns you. We do business to make money and you understand that your clients’ happiness is directly linked to the way they interact with your brand. They return for the entire experience, not just a purchase and they remain loyal to the relationship your teams built with them. This is why communication is so important: it helps your people build real relationships with your clients, which builds loyalty. 

Enhanced creativity

In this fast-paced, constantly changing business world of ours, innovation is key and driven by creativity. Companies that value this resource are those set to adapt and survive. Creativity lies in the human mind and is nurtured by knowledge and freedom. However, it takes courage and skills to speak about ideas without fear of criticism. Enhanced communication skills help your people share invaluable creativity and feel appreciated.

A company culture to be proud of

The most successful companies of tomorrow are the ones with a fantastic organisational culture nurturing spirits and grit. Empathetic communication helps building a work environment where people feel valued and cared for, where they interact with respect and are not afraid to speak their minds and express emotions. Efficient communication helps team members exchange information in a clear, unambiguous manner, thus increasing productivity.

Increased awareness on the importance of cultural differences

We are different and we come from different places. We feel and see things in different ways, but these differences can turn into real obstacles when our cultural backgrounds add on misunderstandings and uncertainty. The business relationships we develop with our partners or clients are fundamentally impacted by these cultural differences. Awareness and deep knowledge on how cultural differences work help people build stronger and long-lasting relationships.

Better skilled people

Emotional intelligence and empathy are muscles we all need to put to work as often as possible. Understanding how to connect with each other professionally is a soft skill as important as being a true team player or managing time efficiently. Better communication enables people to exchange information without being misunderstood, but also to become more self-aware and get a clearer image on their strengths and opportunities for growth.

Improved collaborations and exchanges of experience

This is an easy one: once you understand how efficient communication rules relationships, you’ll simply get better at this. Raised awareness of non verbal and para-verbal communication techniques and their impact on all interactions will help you network and connect with other professionals just the way you always wanted to. Communication is what it takes for you to take your business relationships to a higher level.

More authentic, self-aware people

One of the most difficult things we have to do is be ourselves and expose our vulnerabilities or at least not be afraid of them. Stay objective. Own and control our emotions. If you think for one moment that the way you feel doesn’t impact you professionally, think again. Every single decision, every call, every meeting is ruled by emotions. Once you understand and accept who you truly are, life gets easier and so does business. Communication shows the way.

Avid learners, curious people

All the communication workshops I facilitate are practical and interactive, which has an immediate, great effect: they inspire people to learn more on each of the topics discussed, to better understand how each technique works and challenge themselves and their colleagues. We get to play and have fun, which leaves each of us with lovely memories of that time when we learnt to communicate better. 

I too have a dream. I dream of happier people fulfilling their dreams. I dream of a society that praises emotional intelligence and empathy. I dream of leaders encouraging creativity and respecting extroverts and introverts alike.

The way we choose to communicate can truly make a difference and implement change. 

Start now. Learn how  to develop amazing communication skills and improve professional and personal relationships. All it takes is a little bit of understanding, a little bit of patience, interest and will. I’ll help with everything else.

Felipe Toussaint

The communication workshop facilitated by Miruna truly impressed us! We selected the Combo package for our team and all our colleagues highlighted not only the quality of the content, but also the interactions between all participants that make the entire experience so rich and powerful! The workshop helped us understand how important communication is in building relationships with our partners and enhancing trust with our clients!

Additionally, I hired Miruna to advise me in a sensitive matter and I am more than happy with her approach. I totally recommend her services!


pedro Pestana da Silva

Miruna facilitated a multicultural communication workshop for our entire team. She did a fantastic job getting people to understand how important cultural differences are in a business environment and how they impact the relationships between colleagues and with clients. We provide financial services around the world and my colleagues come from different countries, therefore this kind of knowledge is super important to us.

I highly recommend Miruna’s workshops and coaching to provide a relaxed but business driven message to your employees.