Interactive. Unexpected. Fun.

Immediate benefits of the workshops

I too have a dream. I dream of happier people fulfilling their dreams. I dream of a society that praises emotional intelligence and empathy. I dream of leaders encouraging creativity and respecting extroverts and introverts alike.

The way we choose to communicate can truly make a difference and implement change. 

Start now. Learn how  to develop amazing communication skills and improve professional and personal relationships. All it takes is a little bit of understanding, a little bit of patience, interest and will. I’ll help with everything else.

Felipe Toussaint

The communication workshop facilitated by Miruna truly impressed us! We selected the Combo package for our team and all our colleagues highlighted not only the quality of the content, but also the interactions between all participants that make the entire experience so rich and powerful! The workshop helped us understand how important communication is in building relationships with our partners and enhancing trust with our clients!

Additionally, I hired Miruna to advise me in a sensitive matter and I am more than happy with her approach. I totally recommend her services!


Cristina Boartes

Customer experience Manager SmartBill 

What an experience! The workshop Miruna proposed for our team building activity this year has been the most personal and powerful experience we had. We had the opportunity to interact  on a different level with one another, we played fun games and really connected as a team. 

This is what a team building activity should be about: bringing people together, allowing them to express themselves and offering them the opportunity to enhance such a useful soft skill: communication. I hope we will have the chance to collaborate again the future! 


pedro Pestana da Silva

Miruna facilitated a multicultural communication workshop for our entire team. She did a fantastic job getting people to understand how important cultural differences are in a business environment and how they impact the relationships between colleagues and with clients. We provide financial services around the world and my colleagues come from different countries, therefore this kind of knowledge is super important to us.

I highly recommend Miruna’s workshops and coaching to provide a relaxed but business driven message to your employees.